Do Animals Have a Soul?

Lying in bed next to my new pup Ravi, I smell his puppy newness, a smell I would happily have as an air freshener in my car any day. I think his paws smell like tacos and his neck smells like earth. But his eyes look at me as though he is another person, not just a dog. Over the years I have always believed that animals have a soul, just as we do. When my first dog Brani, passed away, we all sat by her side and said goodbye. Her back had given out and she could no longer walk. Before her passing, at the end of her days, I managed to lift her huge Ridgeback/Kelpie body into the back of the car and take her to the vet. Unable to get her into the clinic, the vet and I spoke in the car park while she sat in the back of the car looking at me with her imploring eyes. When he walked away, I had to make the decision to have her put down. As I closed the back door, she looked at me and I felt it, I felt her permission. I’ll never forget the wisdom in her eyes. She was telling me she’d had enough, that it was time. So, we let her go. Two nights later I dreamt that she was in a huge paddock at the base of the Alpine mountains. She looked up at me then sprinted off, her massive hind legs and hoofs, ripping up the earth. She was now the spirit of the horse.

So our family pottered along, without a K9 in our lives and then one Christmas we went home to my mum and dad’s house in the Alpine Ranges of Victoria. Dad was cleaning out the barn, which used to be our home when growing up, while the house was being built. He opened up a chest with horse blankets in it and out scurried a mumma bush rat. Here in Australia they are cute, not like a rat rat. Dad tried to smush the mumma rat with a shovel and my eleven year old daughter, who had been watching with curious eyes, screamed ‘No papa, don’t kill it!’. He stopped and dropped the shovel. She peered into the chest and saw ten to twelve baby bush rats. I was in the house at the time when she came in with a baby bush rat she had chosen to save. ‘Can I keep him mum?’ she asked. It was tiny. Only one and a half inches long. ‘Sure’ I said, thinking what the crap am I going do to now. But my thought behind the ‘yes’ was to teach her to care for a little being, to put it’s need before her own. That was my goal as a mum. So we found a box, looked online and began our bush rat rearing.

Each night when my daughter went to sleep, I lay with Bushy, on my chest patting his little body with my finger. I loved him, I really did. He was so beautiful. We had been feeding him infant milk and he was doing well. My little girl had been a devoted mum. Watching him with an eagle eye and feeding him during the day. The love she felt was divine in nature. Two mornings after Christmas I sat meditating in the back of my car, the only space for an unacknowledged psychic to meditate, having grown up with an atheist father who’s opinion meant the world to me. I had felt ashamed for being different, for asking, ‘Have people died here dad?’. So in the car I sat and then I felt it, that familiar energy swirling, the buzzing in my chest, the tears wanting to flow. I saw her in my mind’s eye, a pinkish, white blue color, then a lion, then other animals and plants. Archangel Uriel, was who I saw, or at least the ‘riel’. From what I could make out, this being was the holder, the carer of the plant and animal kingdom. I went inside feeling quite blown away and dizzy. Without saying anything about this connection, who would believe me right, we went for a bush walk. I found a Rose Quartz chunk in the ground. Finally when we returned home I was able to research Archangel Uriel, who I knew nothing about. Orange, the ray of fire, nope that was not the being I had seen. This being was soft and female, not like fire. But the name….My daughter had taken her Archangel cards to mum and dad’s and was playing with them. ‘Mum’, she said, ‘I don’t think I’ll use these cards, why don’t you have them.’ I smiled and accepted, knowing she had been too young when we bought them. I looked for the first time at the images, and there she was, the pink, the face, the feminine vibration, Archangel Ariel! I looked it up and sure enough, she cared for the plant and animal kingdom, her vibration pink, and her stone Rose Quartz. It was her. Now, if animals are just blobs of animal molecules then why would they be under the care of an Archangel?

This experience with Brani and Bushy felt like something important, signifigant. That look in Brani’s eyes, the telepathic way she communicated with me. The relationship with Bushy and my daughter, it seemed like their life karma, their existence was spiritually intermingled with ours. Then sadly late one night back home, Bushy climbed out of the box and fell to the floor. The next morning, I woke up to feed him. He was not there. We discovered him on the floor, gasping for air. My daughter was distraught! She watched as his little body struggled to breath. Then finally, the life went out of him, and he died. The sadness was felt even by my husband who is not prone to heights of emotion. Yet when Brani had died, he buried her and sobbed like I had never seen before. Actually as he dug her grave he howled in pain. Surely animals cannot be less than us…. The next few days were very quite. At home, I sat back in my meditation chair and connected. She came in again. She said very clearly this time, and said that Kiera, my daughter, had evolved the soul of this little one, that she had affected it’s Karma through her human love. Then I knew for sure, animals have souls, they have souls as equal and signifigant as ours.
Why do we think we are better than these beings? We are not. I have since received more from Archangel Ariel and my Elohim guide Maria, that I will share here in this blog. Archangel Ariel, came in while I sat with my husband holding Ravi. My husband said, I think he’s Brani, she said no, this little one’s soul is different, it is being evolved into the vibration of the Lion, through our love and care. He has a brave and big heart. He is a Lion cub, in his spirit. She said that animals have a pure vibration that holds the energy of this purity, in the physical realm for human beings. Rabbits have the signature energy of joy, dogs; loyalty, Lions; bravery and strength, horses; freedom and power, and the list goes on. This pure energy of their signature vibration, the pure emotion or virtue, of the archetypes, gifted by the Archangel and Elohim realm, is held in place to keep human beings pure and connected. Their souls evolve, she said, just as ours do, and are cared for deeply by the Angelic realm. They are our equals and our companions. So when your pet looks at you with telepathic eyes, know that they are true spiritual beings, that they are watched over by an Archangel and that they are Mother Earth’s heart.

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