Excuse Me, Could You Please Step Out Of My Auric Field!

It’s funny to me that people see themselves as a separate entity to other people. Well yes we are, in a way but, at the same time we are not. We are not held in a body that has definite boundaries that are solid and measurable. Rather we have another body, the Auric body, that extends far outside the border of our physical one. This body not only merges with other people’s non physical body, it swaps information with it, beyond the speed of light.


This means that we exchange information on a level that is unspoken all the time and one does not even have to be in the same room as another person for this information to be exchanged. Ever had an issue with someone and could not stop thinking about them, no matter what you did? Well it is not just you being obsessive, it is very likely that the other person is thinking about you, and your Auric fields are interacting. People put this down to a gut feeling, when a lot of the time it is actually auric information being exchanged, not in the physical world, but on the astral plane.

Now because we have separate bodies, and because we are no longer living in the Lemurian age, we cannot read each others thoughts the way we could long ago. Back then, before the densification of our human bodies, we lived a very different way. We were connected, telepathically. But now, in this era, for us to work through the big ‘I AM’, for us to individuate, the mind reading stuff is no longer a common part of our existence. You see, we need to have our own thoughts, in order for us to know ourselves and to seek out self-love.


This is basically our purpose here, to achieve self-love through the experience of separation, through loving our divine nature from the perspective of being human. Yet it is so tricky, because no one really talks about it, no one really says ‘Hey man I’m having a hard time because I’m actually a huge, big, expansive, spiritual being and being human sucks!’. And no one explains that the reason we often get so confused, is because we are not actually disconnected from each other in the way that we like to think we are. We are communicating through our spiritual bodies all the time! So this exchanging of astral information between the Auric fields can undo our sense of peace because we often do not know why we become so anxious around others when everything appears to be fine. Especially when we are so focused on the external.


One day while out shopping, I thought I’ll pop into the chemist to buy some Aloe Vera. After all, it is very good for the skin, and way better than any posh expensive product. I stood in line with a few people in front. It was taking a while so I had to be patient, glancing every now and then to see if the line was moving. I stood back and tried to relax when I started to feel a weird sensation in my uterus, actually I felt so uncomfortable I felt like I was going to pee, but I didn’t need to go. This made me really impatient. So I started feeling annoyed and I honestly try not to get annoyed in a line, as I think it is very unevolved, and I do not want to be one of those annoyed people in a line! So I took a deep breath and thought ‘Come one Bron, relax’. So I did. Then my clairvoyance kicked in. In a flash I knew it was not coming from me. It was someone else’s energy that I was feeling. Then as soon as I realised this, the lady in front of me very discreetly placed the box she had tucked under arm, onto the bench. It was packet of Ural, a powdered drink for Urinary Tract Infections. Hmmm, no wonder I felt yuk.

For me, this is exaggerated and it may be for others who are becoming more sensitive. I get headaches around people if they have one. If people are drinking or smoking marijuana I feel the effects. When people are nervous especially I pick up on that. I think many of us, as a child,would have experienced this Auric interaction and did not realise it was from other people. The problem is, where do we set the boundary and how do we remain within our own centre when this unspoken interaction occurs?


First of all let’s go a bit sciency. Now I am Not a scientist, I am a lay person who is fascinated by quantum physics, so bare with me. The atom consists of a proton and neutron bound together, with an electron whizzing about in a cloud of electromagnetic energy. This electron whipping about the nucleus, happens for a reason. It seems to me this interaction is what gives the atom its spark, it’s energy and where does that energy come from, putting aside the processes between the proton, neutron and electron? It comes from a little weightless packet of light called a photon. It is my theory, and a theory only, that this photon is what is being exchanged between Auric fields. I believe, from what my guide Rama has told me, that this invisible packet of light has certain properties that defines its quality. And this ‘quality’ is what is transferred from one auric field to another. But only if we either attract it, or resonate with it, or come into play with it as it entangles with particles in the aura. Yes it’s a stretch and only a theory, but I think we are made from light, frozen light! Which means light is information. So we exchange information, that is made from light between our auric fields.


In terms of day-to-day life, sometimes I’ll talk to someone and they’ll ask, ‘How was you’re weekend?’ and I’ll say, ‘Fine thanks!’ when really I’ve just had a massive fight with my husband or the kids drove me nuts and I feel like if I don’t block myself well enough they’ll ‘read me’ and know. A lot of the time people do know and so we have social etiquette to keep us safe from embarrassing ourselves and others. How it looks to me as a clairvoyant is like this….it looks like flashes of color that burst out of the head, chest or even groin, at people. I see things pop out of the top of people’s heads, right above their crown. It looks like mist or steam that intermingles in a bathroom when the hot water is on. So this is why, when we interact with others, so much more is going on in a dimension we cannot see with our eyes, only feel with the biggest clairvoyant tool we have….the Auric field.


So the only way to deal with being affected by others in this way, is to not shy away, but to connect to others through a higher vibrational energy. So here are a few tips; Know your own energy. If you know your own vibration, your own frequency, then you will know when the energy you are feeling, is not yours. Sit with your own energy when surrounded by people interacting and allow yourself to detach, to not be affected. The things that pull us into exchanging yucky Auric energies, are lower vibrational feelings such as obligation, guilt or people pleasing. It is simply anything that binds you to that another that is not of a high vibration. When I say high vibration, I mean, love, trust or acceptance. The lower vibrational feelings and emotions are what bind us negatively to the auric fields of others. When bound through higher vibrational emotions we do not feel drained. Feeling drained is the best indicator that your auric field is interacting with another’s in a lower vibrational way. So again sit in your own space and detach, think of things that connect you, to you and develop that knowing.

But most of all, don’t forget, you are a spiritual being first and foremost, learning how to deal with being human, so trust what you sense, know that no one is separate really, and that self-love is the most divine experience one can have as a human being. It is truly loving divinity, if you love yourself. Because you are divine, and will never pass away into nothing, as your eternal soul is Source energy incarnate.


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