For Tarot Travellers: Sitting With The Fool In His Highest Vibration

The Fool, when he sits in his highest vibration, always follows joy. He marvels at the simplest things in life and does not ponder the heaviness of it. At his highest vibration he carries no baggage from the past and nothing holds him down. He is like a gust of fresh air that enters a stale room, the scent of green grass in the heat of the sun. He lives without resentment and wholly within his heart.


The Fool in tarot is the starting point of life, it is zero point energy, it is the archetypal innocent human being, the raw representation of wonder and naivety that resides within us, untouched, before we head out into the world and become ‘tainted’ by life’s challenges. The Fool however grows from each encounter within the archetypal world, and as he moves through the challenges presented to him, his consciousness expands, finally integrates with The World, and that is the whole point.

The Fool’s lighthearted innocence is his defining characteristic. It is his deepest truth. What some do not realize is that this truth does not change, no one can destroy the true vibration of The Fool, for this aspect of the archetype will always remain fixed within humanity. The sacred knowledge lies in the fact that we must return every time to the heart of The Fool, for this then becomes a new starting point, at a  higher vibration.

The Fool sits on a spiral, as do all the archetypes, at a point. This is only a point. It may be higher than some curves of the spiral, or lower. Never the less, it is a moment in time, in space. As we move up the spiral the learning level increases. What we are not privy to at a lower or higher point, we do not experience. What our consciousness is not ready to absorb, we do not encounter on this part of the spiral. The Fool works through each lesson on the curve, not realising through his self absorption, that each progression forward moves him either higher or lower in vibration, in consciousness. The Fool will only experience what he can perceive and in the reverse, he will only perceive what he encounters on this spiral of personal evolution. He can go down and decide with his free will, not to integrate an aspect of his chosen learning. He can ignore the warning signs, he can say no like a petulant child. He is free to do as he chooses because free will is one of his defining characteristics.


So on his journey to The World, he moves up or down and at each moment it appears as though where he is, is where he is.

This is the nature of perception, the nature of humanity. We cannot see without perspective, that we have changed, that we have, as The Fool, grown, until we self assess and look at where we sit on the spiral. Consciousness allows us one luxury, which can also be our greatest downfall and that is ignorance. Ignorance allows us to integrate what we are capable of at the time and nothing more, that is; we only get what we can handle. But this is the deepest truth of The Fool, the Shadow truth, the one that trips him up time and time again, that at is; Ignorance Is Bliss. So he sits on the spiral, on a point, the dot, the first expression of I Am, and decides he need not self-assess, he will just exist. Well for centuries he may stay that way, life time after life time, in ignorance until something happens, and this is what brings The Fool out of his reverie; fear and shame, sadness and loss, death and pain. The aspects of humanity that are part of our human experience.

This is truly what calls us to move higher on the spiral. It is not just the innate constant desire to become perfect and then so achieve that perfection, through being in a state of perfection! Rather it is our imperfection which causes suffering, that move us to raise our energy up to the sky. This is what motivates The Fool to change. You see he cannot escape that pitfalls of life, he can only learn from them. He may avoid disaster through raising his vibration and encountering less and less drama, through the laws of attraction, but he can never escape his humanity. Because within our humanity lives the Shadow self. This is what The Fool ,must face and then embrace.


So to clarify, The Fool exists as the innocent aspect of us that seeks joy, because that is what the archetypes are, humanity observing itself, humanity perceiving itself. Yet to move up the spiral of creation we need perspective, we need self assessment otherwise we wallow in ignorance. What shifts The Fool, what moves him is not his present state of perfection, rather it is the negative polarity in the third dimension, that which is Shadow, that which Is Not joy. But why do we have to evolve as The Fool at all! Why not just sit in ignorance.

The answer is simple, because we cannot escape the Shadow, we cannot ignore it, we can not escape it, instead we must embrace our Shadow self by raising the vibration of fear and pain by working through it, into its highest expression and that is divine unity. You see through separation we seek out union with The World. We want to be made whole again and to do that  we have to embrace the whole lot, accept our Foolishness, learn from it and move with The World, into The World, the last Archetype in the tarot. The World holds within it the knowledge of all, good and evil and integrates the two, as it does with male and female. Cohesion is the key to a higher way of living, not rejection of the Shadow self.


So in Tarot we work through the Shadow of the Archetypes in order to sit in the light aspect of the Archetypes, and stay each time, for longer and longer until one day, we find we have spun right up the spiral, all the way up back to Source, back to the Angelic aspect of the human being, sitting at the top of The World.




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