The Three Bodies of the Human Soul


For many years I saw the human soul as being a ‘secret thing’, something I was not supposed to talk about. You see, I grew up in the world of snow skiing and partying. As a child I played around the ski resort where my parents, Aunties and Uncles had built the family hotel. From my window I used to watch the adults stagger out into night after big drinking sessions, leaving zig zaggy footprints in the snow. I’d go downstairs to find mum and dad only to wade through the stragglers of drunks, shouting with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths. So when I came of age, turned sixteen, I realised I was different, I knew there was more than what I saw around me. It wasn’t just the partying of the ski resort mentality, it was the ambition of the ski racers, the competitive nature of it all. You had to have the right ski gear, look the part and behave like a winner. Since I had begun attending boarding school in Albury, a small country town in N.S.W, the comprehension that I saw life differently was exaggerated even more. I felt like I was living in a fake world, as though the picture of people and life I saw around me was not it. It was a game, a play and we were all deluded thinking it was real.


Falls Creek

This feeling sat with me without explanation right up until a month before my seventeenth birthday. In this month very significant events came to pass that gave me the understanding I had been searching for.


I was staying at the Hotel with a friend, who’s mum had a love for crystals. Ever since I was little I had collected these pretty stones and knew there was something unique about them, they triggered something in me. So I began to ask questions about them, which led to questions about life, which led to questions about life after death, then reincarnation, which this companion knew all about thanks to her mum being so open with her spirituality. My dad was a staunch atheist, a cross-legged, looking to his wine glass, ponderer of existentialism and my mum, well she was slightly Christian, so I was told nothing from either of them. I soaked it up, feeling the answers she gave fill every corner of curiosity within me. She and her mum suggested they take me to a psychic channeller who lived in Bright, a beautiful country town nearby. When I sat before this woman, I watched as her whole face and body changed. Her voice took on a different tone. She spoke to me and I knew it was not her, it was my spirit guide, who said his name was Rama. The next night I dreamt I was flying with this guide. We were vampires! Silly I know, but I had been reading novels by Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat, so I guess this was the symbolism he had to work with. He said ‘Do a front flip in the air’. So I did. Then he said, ‘Now go backwards.’ In that moment, in a spilt second, I knew that I would have to let go of all the laws of physical reality that I understood. But when I did, I found myself outside go my body, able to see 360 degrees around me, all at once, with a feeling of pure peace I had never known before. My whole being buzzed like I was bubbling energy. Then when I looked down and saw my body lying on the bed I was snapped back in, eyes open, knowing I had been ‘out there’.


After this, followed one more experience, of moving through energy layers. I stood on a cliff in my dream and Rama said ‘Jump’, so I did and that is when I moved through colour, moved through energy and was back outside my body again. Yet this time it only lasted for an instant and I was back in. The next week I felt the heaviness of physical life pull all the happiness I had felt ‘out there’, out of me. But I knew what I had always wanted to know, that I was a soul, not just a body.


Yet still, for years, I did not truly understand how the human soul was ‘put together’, how it worked in reality. I thought there was nothing more to me than my human soul and that once I was dead I would float about in the astral plane as a separate entity. This was around the 90’s and the internet had not yet spread esoteric information into the ether. I had to read books, I had to find books about this topic which was an arduous effort, as the kind I needed were not available in your every day bookshop. But as the years went by and I learned more through meditation and Rama, I started to see that there was more to the role of the human soul than I had initially suspected. This is what I have learned and it is my experience alone and need not be taken on board, simply considered:


The human soul is an aspect of the Oversoul, the Oversoul being the spark that came out of Source, from the All That Is, the moment we individuated. This aspect of us, this human soul, was created for the purpose of having a specifically ‘human’ existence, as we have lived many lifetimes in many different Star Systems, eons before the great experiment of Gaia, before the third dimension was activated. Gaia has existed as her own being, in her own right and agreed billions of years ago from what I understand, to take on the process of densification in order to hold a space for a new being, the human light being, having an experience in a physical reality. From the moment the purest creation of the human soul was enacted, we had a vehicle in which to experience the physical realm, one that suited the kind of experiences that would be available to us here on Earth. Yet this did not occur immediately. It took time for the human soul to truly merge with the physical body. This I will explain a little further on, but to complete the picture, once we densified, moved from light bodies to hardened physical bodies, we lost sight of the spirit world we had been so closely connected to. To prevent utter annihilation of our connection to the true reality, because of the loss of our memory of the other worlds, other dimensions, we needed the Ancients to hold that memory for us.


So as we moved into the physical reality from the astral realm, the Rishi Initiates from Ancient India, descendents of Lemuria, held tight to the memories of our former self, held onto the memory of the spiritual realm that was the true reality. Then as physical reality set in and the astral body merged with the physical and mental body, created through the ‘I Am’, the Ancients sang through the Vedas, through their voices about the illusion of the Maya to keep alive humanity’s true history.

Had they not set up that memory, had they not held it tight within the Vedas, we would not realise that the physical reality was in fact an illusion, the Maya. We would not have realised that it was not the true reality and so would have been lost in the Matrix . So from light bodies to hard bodies, as densified frozen light, we evolved, which resulted in the soul vehicle we now have. What follows is my experience of it, as an intuitive, which is what someone referred to me as the other day, I thought hmmm, that sounds nice…


This soul body consists of three main bodies and is designed to intermediate between the spiritual realm and the physical realm. The first body is called the Etheric body. This body has a blue vibration, is the first level up from the physical and is the blueprint of our physical body. In this body is held the energetic structure for all of our organs, our nervous system, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory and endocrine systems, and all the rest that supports the function of the human body. It holds us in a physical space and is the hardest to reconfigure or change as it is linked to our physical habits, such as smoking, overeating or even drug taking. If this is damaged through trauma or addiction it takes great conscious awareness to heal. This body is affected directly by the physical, but it is also influenced by the astral and mental body through thoughts and feelings which then impact our health.


The astral body is connected to all of the chakras, some may say only the heart chakra, but I see the astral body linked to all of them, and I do not mean the seven most referred to. I mean all of them, because we have chakras that exist way above the crown chakra, the soul star chakra being one of them and ones that are linked to the spleen and belly button, plus a whole bunch outside of the body.


All these work together in unison with the astral body. The astral body holds the patterns of all we feel and imagine, all the links emotionally to others plus, the connection to the earth and our guides. It is the feeling body, but it is not where our thoughts reside. Our thoughts affect the astral body, but that is all, thoughts are not feelings. Instead thoughts are held in the mental body, but do not have the same quality as the feeling in the astral body. But the whole aspect of the astral is expressed through the feeling vibration of all it encounters, both internally from us and externally from outside of us. All of it is expressed through what we label; ‘feeling’. If we had no words for this aspect of our soul, it would be represented symbolically by water, by the Moon, by tears and laughter. It is the fluid expression of emotion. It is not the intellect, the intellect or thinking is held in the mental body.

12808572da344322bfe87bc64cbbab88This body is linked to the astral and the etheric, as thoughts are the creator of life, the conduit through which reality is set. The mental body processes our thinking and works with all aspects of the chakras that have a mental correlation. It works with the parts of each vibration in us that processes things mentally, with thought, even if these thoughts have an emotional connection, or a physical connection. None of the three bodies act alone and none are isolated or separate from each other. The mental body is where thought patterns reside, patterns of thinking which then affect the feeling self or the astral body, which then affects the etheric body in terms of our health. But it also works in the reverse as the astral-feeling body, when it encounters an emotionally upsetting situation, will impact greatly the mental body through the thought triggers that are a result of this emotionally upsetting experience. Someone slaps another in anger and so the person slapped has an emotional reaction, that filters through to the mental body resulting in angry thoughts of revenge and resentment. Heavens, like I said it is all linked and works as a whole body.


So you can see from even this very brief description of the human soul, how beautifully complex we are. The human soul body, all three, as one, is designed for us to process what we uniquely experience as human beings. We are unique. I often wonder if the Alien beings, now referred to as the Inter-Dimensional beings, look down on us from the stars and marvel at our creation, even though most had a hand in who we have become. Our hearts must be a mystery to them I imagine, because we love so fiercely, kill so ruthlessly, yet search constantly for the answers they may not even have questions for. The human soul is a wonderous creation, living in a complex and chaotic realm of spirit-meets-matter. No wonder it took me so long to figure out and I haven’t even touched on the higher aspects of these three bodies! Another time I think, to explore the expanse of how the human soul resides in a higher realm of reality.

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