The Purpose Behind Synchronicity


Synchronicity to the skeptic, is just dumb luck. But to some of us, it is a sign from the other side signifying that we are headed in the right direction. But what is the purpose of synchronicity, how does it work and why does it happen?

Well first of all it has to do with our soul path. You see before we reincarnate we choose our parents, where we will be born, whether we will have blue eyes, or brown eyes and so on. One day I was driving my son to a doctors appointment when he asked me if we chose what we would look like before birth. Rama, my spirit guide, popped in and showed me a rather comical view of choosing clothes off a rack. I saw an image of archetypes of people that we could select from, in order to have a human experience. body

But these are the small details of creating a soul path, the bigger details lie in the lessons we choose to have in every lifetime.

Each of us has lived many lives and we can say that now, quite openly. Whereas sixty odd years ago, it was the common view that we lived only one life, and after death either went to heaven or hell. At this point, the concept of the multi-dimensional self, was unheard of. To live parallel lives! How ridiculous. But in only a short period of time, so much information has come through that we are no longer denied this larger aspect of who we are. Time is no longer viewed as a set reality, instead it is understood as a man-made concept. So how does synchronicity fit into all this? Well, if we plan our lives before birth, if we live more than one lifetime, even simultaneous lifetimes, then the events and experiences we viewed in the past as only a chance experience of synchronicity, change in their significance. They become filled with divine purpose, suggesting that something else is at play, something bigger than us.


Copyright Erik Shoemaker

The greater purpose of synchronicity exists as a way to draw our attention to the higher self, to the Oversoul and our multidimensional nature. It is set up by our guides and higher selves and it is created for the purpose of fulfilling the lessons we come here to learn. So the soul path is set out by us, by the Oversoul before we are born and this soul path is always at the forefront of our learning in the physical. We can never miss the mark. Well, at least if we do, we get to try again, life, after life, after life. The lessons we encounter on Gaia are designed to expand who we are and as Rama has said to me, there is no right or wrong path, just different experiences, with different consequences, each leading us back to Source, what some may call God. So as this path is laid out to us it is not by any means a straight one. We are given, by our higher selves, lots of opportunities presented in many different forms. There is not one set way to learn a lesson.

So this is where synchronicity comes in, and this is what Rama has taught me. It works like this:

On the other side, which is present right here and now (in fact the non-physical spiritual world, permeates this one and they cannot be separated. The energy of the non-physical is what holds the physical in place, not the other way around), so what ‘they’ do is set up points of energy that can be activated by us, which creates a linear expression of events.

Once the first event or experience is lined up and activated by us, they are able to then set up the next one, that leads to the next and so on, until the learning is integrated into our being. To us with our limited perception, these events may not seem related in terms of cause and effect, but to them, they can see how this left turn, will lead to that dog running out in front of the car, that leads to the rescuer who averts disaster, who turns out to be a soul mate we have planned to meet.

Metaphysically speaking, they create pockets of energy on their side, that is to be filled with physical matter or experienced, on our side. It seems matter does not exude energy, rather energy creates the matter and defines what it will be. Rama says it is like a large magnet that attracts particles of iron shavings that form a whole, or a pile of particles. The magnetism of energy, or the electromagnetic ‘etheric particles’ is what brings about the densification process of creating reality. This process is what they work with to create synchronicity, metaphysically speaking.


So, synchronicity plays a very important part in our experience here on Earth being a meaningful one. But you may ask, can we prevent synchronicity from occurring, can we derail it? Let’s not forget synchronicity is a mechanism used by Source, that leads us to our chosen soul experience. So we ought to learn how to listen, because this is what prevents it; not paying attention to the little hints and nudges from either our higher self, our guides and yes, I should have mentioned them before, the Angelic beings that are with us at every moment. If we become too distracted and disengaged with our spiritual self and do not listen to the inner nudges and knowing, we may miss the boat and not to be in that right place, at that specific time, for that chosen experience to occur. But I have to stress here again, we cannot fail to meet our soul’s chosen experiences as they, the spirit beings I mentioned above, will find new ways to present opportunities to us, new ways of lining up events that lead to our destiny.

For example we walk down a path and ‘they’ light up a sign in the sky in the form of an object, we bend down to tie our shoelace and miss it, and so keep walking. We get to a bend in the road and just around the corner is a stranger who will teach us how to time travel, we decide seconds before we get there that we have left something in the car and so go back. The chance is missed. We drive home and are detoured due to an accident and there is the same stranger needing a ride. So we trust the Universe and pick them up! Yes, and so we learn from this stranger, who happens to be from another star system, how to time travel. This is a rather exaggerated example but it does happen to some people, these major multidimensional experiences. In my case, on a personal level there are many, but one as of late, stands out which I will share.


But first let me clarify. To line up with sychronicity, we should listen and act, act in that moment, when it feels right and do this when the event or experience that has just occurred, feels like providence. When we keep our heads down and focused on the drama of daily life, we miss the chances given to us. It is about knowing when to jump into the window of opportunity and embracing what synchronicity has to offer. Because synchronicity is information, it is information from the other side saying yes this is the right choice. Don’t muddle it by over-thinking and over-analysing, because that is the other block to this process; human logic and over analysis. We mutter, this won’t work, I can’t do that, blah, blah, blah. Listen only to the hints that feel as though they are free from human manipulation and control, the ones that have no pain attached to them, unless it is a positive pain, as in letting go. It feels good to take that impulse that has a vibrant, healing energy to it and go with it.

Last year I spent the break between relief teaching with my children, going here and there, and really enjoying the freedom of not having to wake up in the morning not knowing which school I would be at that day, or which class I would be in. I love being a teacher, and at this time in my life it definitely felt like my destiny, but I was not happy. I did not agree with the way kids were lumped into large classes, with very little resources especially in the lower demographic schools, and the mentality of competitive comparison, of reward and punishment, never sat right with me. I knew there was a better way but I had no idea what it is was. I sat in limbo before the first term began and just accepted my fate. (Fate is different to destiny in that it comes into play when we live through old patterns of behaviour, yet destiny occurs when we live through the higher self). I had a client come for a Tarot reading a few days before I started work and she commented on my ‘Steiner Dolls’. I said what Steiner Dolls and she pointed to the felt medicine dolls I had been making to sell at markets. I laughed and said ‘They’re not Steiner dolls!’.


The next night I lay in bed and a name flashed in my head, like it was lit up on a billboard. ‘T. Miller’. I felt the presence of something yet it was not Rama. I felt dizzy and so researched this name. I found a website that said, Seth T. Miller, and something in me moved energetically, so I knew that was it. I scrolled down and saw another name that felt familiar; Frank Chester. It was an article about sacred geometry. I love this aspect of life so I read the article. This man had discovered a new Platonic solid he called the Chestahedron. This solid looked like a sacred object. It twigged something in me, something ancient, and so the next morning I began researching. I spent the whole day reading articles and watching Frank Chester lectures. The interesting question was, how had he discovered this solid and why was it significant to me? It turned out that he had been invited to a lecture at the Goethenum, a building in Europe designed by Rudolf Steiner. Seeing this building and hearing the lecture about Rudolf Steiner, sent him on an artistic journey that led to forming with clay, this seven sided solid.


Rudolf Steiner. The name echoed in my head like the chimes of a bell. My husband had been to a Steiner school when he was little, but it was a hippy school with odd ideas about food and maths. I really knew nothing but judgement of it. Two days before work began, my daughter had a play date. I dropped her off at her friend’s house and said a quick hello to the mum I was just getting to know. She had a friend sitting at her kitchen table. This lady was a rather sweet looking soul and so we began to chat. Very quickly the conversation turned to occupation and I asked her what she did. She said she had just enrolled at the Steiner Seminar, to do her diploma in Steiner Education. I remembered the dolls, and laughed saying to her, wow, that is very interesting. By the time she had expressed her view, which was very different to what I had been exposed to, I was home and on the phone to the school. Now here is the beauty of synchronicity, the timing of it all, feels divine, like providence. That is the energy of synchronicity. It was explained to me that I had made it one day before the cut off date to apply for VET help, which is basically a government loan, no up front fees. I was in, and within 24 hours I was sitting in the most beautiful building, opening up to a whole new way of teaching, a way of teaching I had always resonated with. But the last tiny kiss on the forehead from synchronicity, was the name, T. Miller. After a month of being at the Steiner Seminar, I researched further this man; Seth T. Miller. Turns out he was/is a University Lecturer on Rudolf Steiner, and an anthroposophical teacher. Huh, go figure.


So the twisty-turny, never predictable ways in which the spiritual realm leads us to our destiny, is through this beautiful phenomenon called Synchronicity. It is the Universe telling us to follow the tiny hints and nudges, it is divine information from our higher self, it is spirit speaking to us, lighting the way by placing white stones that glint in the moonlight along our soul path. So listen, watch and wait for that sign to activate in the physical, through events and experiences that are born out of a synchronistic synergy of energy-meets-matter. Allow it to trigger your own deep inner knowing that you have a purpose here on Earth. So find joy in fulfilling it, and don’t forget to look for those shining jewels left on your path by Source. There is so much to grasp that will bring you peace and purpose, you just have to have your hands open and ready to receive.

IMG_1864.JPGThis is where I hope sychronicity takes me one day, Rama’s home in India…

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