The Three Bodies of the Human Soul


For many years I saw the human soul as being a ‘secret thing’, something I was not supposed to talk about. You see, I grew up in the world of snow skiing and partying. As a child I played around the ski resort where my parents, Aunties and Uncles had built the family hotel. From my window I used to watch the adults stagger out into night after big drinking sessions, leaving zig zaggy footprints in the snow. I’d go downstairs to find mum and dad only to wade through the stragglers of drunks, shouting with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths. So when I came of age, turned sixteen, I realised I was different, I knew there was more than what I saw around me. It wasn’t just the partying of the ski resort mentality, it was the ambition of the ski racers, the competitive nature of it all. You had to have the right ski gear, look the part and behave like a winner. Since I had begun attending boarding school in Albury, a small country town in N.S.W, the comprehension that I saw life differently was exaggerated even more. I felt like I was living in a fake world, as though the picture of people and life I saw around me was not it. It was a game, a play and we were all deluded thinking it was real.


Falls Creek

This feeling sat with me without explanation right up until a month before my seventeenth birthday. In this month very significant events came to pass that gave me the understanding I had been searching for.


I was staying at the Hotel with a friend, who’s mum had a love for crystals. Ever since I was little I had collected these pretty stones and knew there was something unique about them, they triggered something in me. So I began to ask questions about them, which led to questions about life, which led to questions about life after death, then reincarnation, which this companion knew all about thanks to her mum being so open with her spirituality. My dad was a staunch atheist, a cross-legged, looking to his wine glass, ponderer of existentialism and my mum, well she was slightly Christian, so I was told nothing from either of them. I soaked it up, feeling the answers she gave fill every corner of curiosity within me. She and her mum suggested they take me to a psychic channeller who lived in Bright, a beautiful country town nearby. When I sat before this woman, I watched as her whole face and body changed. Her voice took on a different tone. She spoke to me and I knew it was not her, it was my spirit guide, who said his name was Rama. The next night I dreamt I was flying with this guide. We were vampires! Silly I know, but I had been reading novels by Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat, so I guess this was the symbolism he had to work with. He said ‘Do a front flip in the air’. So I did. Then he said, ‘Now go backwards.’ In that moment, in a spilt second, I knew that I would have to let go of all the laws of physical reality that I understood. But when I did, I found myself outside go my body, able to see 360 degrees around me, all at once, with a feeling of pure peace I had never known before. My whole being buzzed like I was bubbling energy. Then when I looked down and saw my body lying on the bed I was snapped back in, eyes open, knowing I had been ‘out there’.


After this, followed one more experience, of moving through energy layers. I stood on a cliff in my dream and Rama said ‘Jump’, so I did and that is when I moved through colour, moved through energy and was back outside my body again. Yet this time it only lasted for an instant and I was back in. The next week I felt the heaviness of physical life pull all the happiness I had felt ‘out there’, out of me. But I knew what I had always wanted to know, that I was a soul, not just a body.


Yet still, for years, I did not truly understand how the human soul was ‘put together’, how it worked in reality. I thought there was nothing more to me than my human soul and that once I was dead I would float about in the astral plane as a separate entity. This was around the 90’s and the internet had not yet spread esoteric information into the ether. I had to read books, I had to find books about this topic which was an arduous effort, as the kind I needed were not available in your every day bookshop. But as the years went by and I learned more through meditation and Rama, I started to see that there was more to the role of the human soul than I had initially suspected. This is what I have learned and it is my experience alone and need not be taken on board, simply considered:


The human soul is an aspect of the Oversoul, the Oversoul being the spark that came out of Source, from the All That Is, the moment we individuated. This aspect of us, this human soul, was created for the purpose of having a specifically ‘human’ existence, as we have lived many lifetimes in many different Star Systems, eons before the great experiment of Gaia, before the third dimension was activated. Gaia has existed as her own being, in her own right and agreed billions of years ago from what I understand, to take on the process of densification in order to hold a space for a new being, the human light being, having an experience in a physical reality. From the moment the purest creation of the human soul was enacted, we had a vehicle in which to experience the physical realm, one that suited the kind of experiences that would be available to us here on Earth. Yet this did not occur immediately. It took time for the human soul to truly merge with the physical body. This I will explain a little further on, but to complete the picture, once we densified, moved from light bodies to hardened physical bodies, we lost sight of the spirit world we had been so closely connected to. To prevent utter annihilation of our connection to the true reality, because of the loss of our memory of the other worlds, other dimensions, we needed the Ancients to hold that memory for us.


So as we moved into the physical reality from the astral realm, the Rishi Initiates from Ancient India, descendents of Lemuria, held tight to the memories of our former self, held onto the memory of the spiritual realm that was the true reality. Then as physical reality set in and the astral body merged with the physical and mental body, created through the ‘I Am’, the Ancients sang through the Vedas, through their voices about the illusion of the Maya to keep alive humanity’s true history.

Had they not set up that memory, had they not held it tight within the Vedas, we would not realise that the physical reality was in fact an illusion, the Maya. We would not have realised that it was not the true reality and so would have been lost in the Matrix . So from light bodies to hard bodies, as densified frozen light, we evolved, which resulted in the soul vehicle we now have. What follows is my experience of it, as an intuitive, which is what someone referred to me as the other day, I thought hmmm, that sounds nice…


This soul body consists of three main bodies and is designed to intermediate between the spiritual realm and the physical realm. The first body is called the Etheric body. This body has a blue vibration, is the first level up from the physical and is the blueprint of our physical body. In this body is held the energetic structure for all of our organs, our nervous system, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory and endocrine systems, and all the rest that supports the function of the human body. It holds us in a physical space and is the hardest to reconfigure or change as it is linked to our physical habits, such as smoking, overeating or even drug taking. If this is damaged through trauma or addiction it takes great conscious awareness to heal. This body is affected directly by the physical, but it is also influenced by the astral and mental body through thoughts and feelings which then impact our health.


The astral body is connected to all of the chakras, some may say only the heart chakra, but I see the astral body linked to all of them, and I do not mean the seven most referred to. I mean all of them, because we have chakras that exist way above the crown chakra, the soul star chakra being one of them and ones that are linked to the spleen and belly button, plus a whole bunch outside of the body.


All these work together in unison with the astral body. The astral body holds the patterns of all we feel and imagine, all the links emotionally to others plus, the connection to the earth and our guides. It is the feeling body, but it is not where our thoughts reside. Our thoughts affect the astral body, but that is all, thoughts are not feelings. Instead thoughts are held in the mental body, but do not have the same quality as the feeling in the astral body. But the whole aspect of the astral is expressed through the feeling vibration of all it encounters, both internally from us and externally from outside of us. All of it is expressed through what we label; ‘feeling’. If we had no words for this aspect of our soul, it would be represented symbolically by water, by the Moon, by tears and laughter. It is the fluid expression of emotion. It is not the intellect, the intellect or thinking is held in the mental body.

12808572da344322bfe87bc64cbbab88This body is linked to the astral and the etheric, as thoughts are the creator of life, the conduit through which reality is set. The mental body processes our thinking and works with all aspects of the chakras that have a mental correlation. It works with the parts of each vibration in us that processes things mentally, with thought, even if these thoughts have an emotional connection, or a physical connection. None of the three bodies act alone and none are isolated or separate from each other. The mental body is where thought patterns reside, patterns of thinking which then affect the feeling self or the astral body, which then affects the etheric body in terms of our health. But it also works in the reverse as the astral-feeling body, when it encounters an emotionally upsetting situation, will impact greatly the mental body through the thought triggers that are a result of this emotionally upsetting experience. Someone slaps another in anger and so the person slapped has an emotional reaction, that filters through to the mental body resulting in angry thoughts of revenge and resentment. Heavens, like I said it is all linked and works as a whole body.


So you can see from even this very brief description of the human soul, how beautifully complex we are. The human soul body, all three, as one, is designed for us to process what we uniquely experience as human beings. We are unique. I often wonder if the Alien beings, now referred to as the Inter-Dimensional beings, look down on us from the stars and marvel at our creation, even though most had a hand in who we have become. Our hearts must be a mystery to them I imagine, because we love so fiercely, kill so ruthlessly, yet search constantly for the answers they may not even have questions for. The human soul is a wonderous creation, living in a complex and chaotic realm of spirit-meets-matter. No wonder it took me so long to figure out and I haven’t even touched on the higher aspects of these three bodies! Another time I think, to explore the expanse of how the human soul resides in a higher realm of reality.

The Purpose Behind Synchronicity


Synchronicity to the skeptic, is just dumb luck. But to some of us, it is a sign from the other side signifying that we are headed in the right direction. But what is the purpose of synchronicity, how does it work and why does it happen?

Well first of all it has to do with our soul path. You see before we reincarnate we choose our parents, where we will be born, whether we will have blue eyes, or brown eyes and so on. One day I was driving my son to a doctors appointment when he asked me if we chose what we would look like before birth. Rama, my spirit guide, popped in and showed me a rather comical view of choosing clothes off a rack. I saw an image of archetypes of people that we could select from, in order to have a human experience. body

But these are the small details of creating a soul path, the bigger details lie in the lessons we choose to have in every lifetime.

Each of us has lived many lives and we can say that now, quite openly. Whereas sixty odd years ago, it was the common view that we lived only one life, and after death either went to heaven or hell. At this point, the concept of the multi-dimensional self, was unheard of. To live parallel lives! How ridiculous. But in only a short period of time, so much information has come through that we are no longer denied this larger aspect of who we are. Time is no longer viewed as a set reality, instead it is understood as a man-made concept. So how does synchronicity fit into all this? Well, if we plan our lives before birth, if we live more than one lifetime, even simultaneous lifetimes, then the events and experiences we viewed in the past as only a chance experience of synchronicity, change in their significance. They become filled with divine purpose, suggesting that something else is at play, something bigger than us.


Copyright Erik Shoemaker

The greater purpose of synchronicity exists as a way to draw our attention to the higher self, to the Oversoul and our multidimensional nature. It is set up by our guides and higher selves and it is created for the purpose of fulfilling the lessons we come here to learn. So the soul path is set out by us, by the Oversoul before we are born and this soul path is always at the forefront of our learning in the physical. We can never miss the mark. Well, at least if we do, we get to try again, life, after life, after life. The lessons we encounter on Gaia are designed to expand who we are and as Rama has said to me, there is no right or wrong path, just different experiences, with different consequences, each leading us back to Source, what some may call God. So as this path is laid out to us it is not by any means a straight one. We are given, by our higher selves, lots of opportunities presented in many different forms. There is not one set way to learn a lesson.

So this is where synchronicity comes in, and this is what Rama has taught me. It works like this:

On the other side, which is present right here and now (in fact the non-physical spiritual world, permeates this one and they cannot be separated. The energy of the non-physical is what holds the physical in place, not the other way around), so what ‘they’ do is set up points of energy that can be activated by us, which creates a linear expression of events.

Once the first event or experience is lined up and activated by us, they are able to then set up the next one, that leads to the next and so on, until the learning is integrated into our being. To us with our limited perception, these events may not seem related in terms of cause and effect, but to them, they can see how this left turn, will lead to that dog running out in front of the car, that leads to the rescuer who averts disaster, who turns out to be a soul mate we have planned to meet.

Metaphysically speaking, they create pockets of energy on their side, that is to be filled with physical matter or experienced, on our side. It seems matter does not exude energy, rather energy creates the matter and defines what it will be. Rama says it is like a large magnet that attracts particles of iron shavings that form a whole, or a pile of particles. The magnetism of energy, or the electromagnetic ‘etheric particles’ is what brings about the densification process of creating reality. This process is what they work with to create synchronicity, metaphysically speaking.


So, synchronicity plays a very important part in our experience here on Earth being a meaningful one. But you may ask, can we prevent synchronicity from occurring, can we derail it? Let’s not forget synchronicity is a mechanism used by Source, that leads us to our chosen soul experience. So we ought to learn how to listen, because this is what prevents it; not paying attention to the little hints and nudges from either our higher self, our guides and yes, I should have mentioned them before, the Angelic beings that are with us at every moment. If we become too distracted and disengaged with our spiritual self and do not listen to the inner nudges and knowing, we may miss the boat and not to be in that right place, at that specific time, for that chosen experience to occur. But I have to stress here again, we cannot fail to meet our soul’s chosen experiences as they, the spirit beings I mentioned above, will find new ways to present opportunities to us, new ways of lining up events that lead to our destiny.

For example we walk down a path and ‘they’ light up a sign in the sky in the form of an object, we bend down to tie our shoelace and miss it, and so keep walking. We get to a bend in the road and just around the corner is a stranger who will teach us how to time travel, we decide seconds before we get there that we have left something in the car and so go back. The chance is missed. We drive home and are detoured due to an accident and there is the same stranger needing a ride. So we trust the Universe and pick them up! Yes, and so we learn from this stranger, who happens to be from another star system, how to time travel. This is a rather exaggerated example but it does happen to some people, these major multidimensional experiences. In my case, on a personal level there are many, but one as of late, stands out which I will share.


But first let me clarify. To line up with sychronicity, we should listen and act, act in that moment, when it feels right and do this when the event or experience that has just occurred, feels like providence. When we keep our heads down and focused on the drama of daily life, we miss the chances given to us. It is about knowing when to jump into the window of opportunity and embracing what synchronicity has to offer. Because synchronicity is information, it is information from the other side saying yes this is the right choice. Don’t muddle it by over-thinking and over-analysing, because that is the other block to this process; human logic and over analysis. We mutter, this won’t work, I can’t do that, blah, blah, blah. Listen only to the hints that feel as though they are free from human manipulation and control, the ones that have no pain attached to them, unless it is a positive pain, as in letting go. It feels good to take that impulse that has a vibrant, healing energy to it and go with it.

Last year I spent the break between relief teaching with my children, going here and there, and really enjoying the freedom of not having to wake up in the morning not knowing which school I would be at that day, or which class I would be in. I love being a teacher, and at this time in my life it definitely felt like my destiny, but I was not happy. I did not agree with the way kids were lumped into large classes, with very little resources especially in the lower demographic schools, and the mentality of competitive comparison, of reward and punishment, never sat right with me. I knew there was a better way but I had no idea what it is was. I sat in limbo before the first term began and just accepted my fate. (Fate is different to destiny in that it comes into play when we live through old patterns of behaviour, yet destiny occurs when we live through the higher self). I had a client come for a Tarot reading a few days before I started work and she commented on my ‘Steiner Dolls’. I said what Steiner Dolls and she pointed to the felt medicine dolls I had been making to sell at markets. I laughed and said ‘They’re not Steiner dolls!’.


The next night I lay in bed and a name flashed in my head, like it was lit up on a billboard. ‘T. Miller’. I felt the presence of something yet it was not Rama. I felt dizzy and so researched this name. I found a website that said, Seth T. Miller, and something in me moved energetically, so I knew that was it. I scrolled down and saw another name that felt familiar; Frank Chester. It was an article about sacred geometry. I love this aspect of life so I read the article. This man had discovered a new Platonic solid he called the Chestahedron. This solid looked like a sacred object. It twigged something in me, something ancient, and so the next morning I began researching. I spent the whole day reading articles and watching Frank Chester lectures. The interesting question was, how had he discovered this solid and why was it significant to me? It turned out that he had been invited to a lecture at the Goethenum, a building in Europe designed by Rudolf Steiner. Seeing this building and hearing the lecture about Rudolf Steiner, sent him on an artistic journey that led to forming with clay, this seven sided solid.


Rudolf Steiner. The name echoed in my head like the chimes of a bell. My husband had been to a Steiner school when he was little, but it was a hippy school with odd ideas about food and maths. I really knew nothing but judgement of it. Two days before work began, my daughter had a play date. I dropped her off at her friend’s house and said a quick hello to the mum I was just getting to know. She had a friend sitting at her kitchen table. This lady was a rather sweet looking soul and so we began to chat. Very quickly the conversation turned to occupation and I asked her what she did. She said she had just enrolled at the Steiner Seminar, to do her diploma in Steiner Education. I remembered the dolls, and laughed saying to her, wow, that is very interesting. By the time she had expressed her view, which was very different to what I had been exposed to, I was home and on the phone to the school. Now here is the beauty of synchronicity, the timing of it all, feels divine, like providence. That is the energy of synchronicity. It was explained to me that I had made it one day before the cut off date to apply for VET help, which is basically a government loan, no up front fees. I was in, and within 24 hours I was sitting in the most beautiful building, opening up to a whole new way of teaching, a way of teaching I had always resonated with. But the last tiny kiss on the forehead from synchronicity, was the name, T. Miller. After a month of being at the Steiner Seminar, I researched further this man; Seth T. Miller. Turns out he was/is a University Lecturer on Rudolf Steiner, and an anthroposophical teacher. Huh, go figure.


So the twisty-turny, never predictable ways in which the spiritual realm leads us to our destiny, is through this beautiful phenomenon called Synchronicity. It is the Universe telling us to follow the tiny hints and nudges, it is divine information from our higher self, it is spirit speaking to us, lighting the way by placing white stones that glint in the moonlight along our soul path. So listen, watch and wait for that sign to activate in the physical, through events and experiences that are born out of a synchronistic synergy of energy-meets-matter. Allow it to trigger your own deep inner knowing that you have a purpose here on Earth. So find joy in fulfilling it, and don’t forget to look for those shining jewels left on your path by Source. There is so much to grasp that will bring you peace and purpose, you just have to have your hands open and ready to receive.

IMG_1864.JPGThis is where I hope sychronicity takes me one day, Rama’s home in India…

Let Your Light Shine

When I look at people clairvoyantly, I see the beauty of their whole being, their soul, all-encompassing and brilliant. It shines through to me, like a bright light, like sunlight on my face. But when I try to tell them this, or when they speak about themselves, so many people deny they are anything other than flawed and broken. They are filled with their own shadow self, which, in their eyes defines them. That light that I see, is overcome by the dark they focus on. Yet from what I have been shown by my spirit guide Rama, beyond this flawed physical, black and white, negative and positive duality, there is no resistance, there is no negative. That is to say beyond this physical world, is an existence without opposition, and without contrast. Contrast is anything that ‘Is Not’ us. Without contrast we would not know how to love the self. It is a necessary process of acceptance of the self, through the observation the ‘other’. For example I am short, but I only know I am short because I stand next to someone who is tall. Yet working with the contrast in the world, has a negative affect when we do not accept who we are. This negative affect is the creation of the shadow self. This shadow self contains all the negative behaviour that is  a direct result of  lack of self love, which means the light of who we are becomes blocked by the shadow self, created by self rejection. What our purpose here on earth to do is to love the self despite the state of separation and duality. This is what makes our light shine brightest.


There are processes we can go through to allow our light to shine bright, but first of all, let’s look at what this light is. Well, it is your divine self, devoid of baser human needs and desires. It is the deepest peace you feel without distraction, it is joy without attachment, love without expectation and acceptance based on the simple fact that you exist. Your light is a light straight from Source that flows down through the crown chakra into the heart chakra then crystallizes outwards, as an inward to outward creation of the physical expression of your being. This light is what holds your body in physical existence. It is the very reason you breath. So then, if this is the case, how did we get to be this way and why are we not living as divine beings, if that is what we are created from?


When we were created, we lived as divine beings, but then, when we densified, we became conscious beings with free will, a being that could say ‘no’, that could say ‘I choose not to love’, that could express individuality instead of a collective consciousness. Our thoughts became our own and we became independent of the spiritual beings that we existed alongside and who guided us every day through direct contact. These spiritual beings, call them Interdimensional beings, Angels, highly evolved Spirits, which ever you choose, were seen by us as we see each other now. But as our bodies became used to the sharp lines of physical reality that was forming in Gaia’s realm, we began to only see that which was not us. We began to see with eyes that tuned only, into the reality we live in now, the Maya, as Rama calls it. Once we did this, duality came into play, and through that which is not, through densifying and becoming separate from the spiritual realm, we lost our direct connection Source.


Now during this development into a physical world, darkness  played an important part in this process of free will because there had to be something that we could choose, that was not from the light. The point being, it would not be free will if we always had to choose the light. We learn to love in the most profound way possible when love becomes a choice. And what is it most of us struggle to do? Feel self love. The shadows and contrast are there to block the light by placing us in a position where we choose the light. I hope this makes sense because it has taken me years to see that I am not a victim, because I have had to choose to clear myself so the light shines through and so I live in the light as much as I can, which means I am not as dictated by shadow self, as I once was, even though my shadow self is still part of the human me and so, I accept it. But the question is, how do we tackle the shadow self to allow the light of us to shine through? We do it by consciously and lovingly removing the blocks that ‘block’ out the light. Let me explain…..

spirit science.jpg

Imagine a beautiful crystal clear bowl, sitting on a table, in a room. Now imagine a single light inside that crystal clear  bowl that shines so bright it fills the whole room, lighting everything up, covering all the walls with a warm glow. Now let’s place a stone inside that bowl next to the light, which blocks the glow a little and casts a tiny shadow on the white walls of the lit up room.

1610f e.jpg

Please know that nothing can put that light out, this is a universal law, but then imagine another stone placed next to the first one, let’s call these two, guilt and shame, and see in your mind’s eye, another tiny shadow cast, creating an even bigger shadow. Then continue placing stones around that light; rejection, abandonment, bullying, betrayal, and watch as the light becomes blocked and can no longer shine through the huge pile of stones, that now fills the whole bowl, and completely covers that beautiful light. The room is now dark, yet the light still exists, hidden inside that bowl. Now on the other side, the spirit guides and Angelic beings can see through those stones and the light shines as bright as ever. Yet from our side, in this world, the stones are dense and seem too heavy to move, and so we sit, in a dark room without light, held within the archetype and vibration of victimhood. This is what happens, when human beings, who face contrast and duality on a daily basis, do not know how to remove the stones that create the shadow and eventually block out the light.


My guide, Maria, the Lady From The Light, says that the perception we have in the Now is created by all of the preceding experiences we have been through over linear time and this has constructed a view of our reality. But it is not Truth. So we have to deconstruct these perceptions by going back to their source and then reevaluate their purpose. We need to ask; do the experiences that have created our perception, really have Truth? If not then we discard them. If they do sit in Truth, then we do the following; we accept their existence as having served some purpose. We forgive their existence and then we let them go, in the knowledge that they no longer need to dictate our perception in this new Now.


Stone by stone, we do this, taking each one out separately making an I Am statement, even if others are seen to be the cause, as in; ‘I Am responsible for its creation in some way, because I have created my reality’, and then we place this stone, in our mind’s eye, by a river bed, or under a tree and give it to Gaia, for our earth mother to hold for us. So, as each stone is taken out, the light is uncovered and slowly revealed. It is visible, and free, and able to shine again. We have taken responsibility for the stones we have placed in our crystal bowl and removed them one by one. But what needs to be truly understood, is that the key to this healing, to removing the shadow and giving them to Gaia, lies in acknowledging that the shadow exists, that it is necessary for our growth and then to see it clearly for what it is, a human failing only and not who we truly are.

On this plane, denial is the biggest block to our light. In archetypal knowledge in Tarot, The Devil’s greatest power lies in his ability to trick human beings into thinking there is no way out and what binds them to this belief, that there is no way out, is denying what blocks us. The stones that we have gathered belong to us, as our creation so we are never a victim and we are never stuck, because, using our free will, we can always take them out. We are loved and cherished beyond our wildest dreams, by the spiritual beings that sit in the realm which permeates this one, yet is invisible to the human eye. So accept your shadow self and do not be afraid of it. Rama tells me nothing negative sticks when we pass over, only the lesson remains and we will get to see how we have lived in our life review and learn from it. So start now, start the process of removing the shadow, one stone at a time because one tiny stream of light always, always attracts more light and this  will start a momentum of bringing in more light, one spark at a time, eventually filling the room. Nothing is ever lost, least of all us, so…..let your beautiful light shine, as the divine being you are.

Tips on Places Parents Can Go For a Brief Holiday…When They Can’t Escape or Have No Money

Tip One: Go to the loo. I find this is a great way to escape for a few moments. If you have a nice bathroom or toilet, take a break by sitting on the loo, away from the hustle and bustle of the main house. You can pin up a poster with points on how to live a happier life, a list of the Dahli Lama’s favourite foods, or even a Lenuig comic or two to giggle at. Taking time out to read during a quick toilet break is a brilliant way to escape and bask in the serenity of the loo.


Tip Two: Have a shower, that’s what I do, because no child wants to see their mother or father naked, yuk! It’s a safe zone for all weary parents of teens and pre-teens. Relax in a pile of bubbles or even take a book and music into this steamy oasis to read or listen to.


Tip Three: Hide in the Laundry. Now this is an untapped resource for many tired mummies who just need the nagging to stop, particularly when you have teenagers who usually have no idea where the laundry even is. It is warm and calming so kick back and relax listening to the rhythmic rocking of the household dryer.


Tip Four: Hide under the bed. Many, many times when children enter the bedroom preparing for a good session of nagging, they expect to find a parent. Surprise them by disappearing under the bed. Now this wee break requires preparation as this protective space under the bed needs to be cleared. It doesn’t take much to quickly whip under the base of the bed frame and pull in a blanket or two to hide any potentially visible limbs.


Tip Five: Invest in a massive dome meditation chair that sits on a balcony slightly out of view from the main hub of the house. Using a very dark mosquito net, place this over the dome to provide camouflage and work as a cloaking device so unsuspecting children walk back and forth seeking out the toast buttered/lunch box filling grown up without any success.

So don’t forget all exhausted, nagged, tired, pliable, subservient parents need a break now and then no matter how spiritual and perfect they try to be! We can’t please them all, can we my dears. Well I’m off to the loo, I hear one of them coming…..

Excuse Me, Could You Please Step Out Of My Auric Field!

It’s funny to me that people see themselves as a separate entity to other people. Well yes we are, in a way but, at the same time we are not. We are not held in a body that has definite boundaries that are solid and measurable. Rather we have another body, the Auric body, that extends far outside the border of our physical one. This body not only merges with other people’s non physical body, it swaps information with it, beyond the speed of light.


This means that we exchange information on a level that is unspoken all the time and one does not even have to be in the same room as another person for this information to be exchanged. Ever had an issue with someone and could not stop thinking about them, no matter what you did? Well it is not just you being obsessive, it is very likely that the other person is thinking about you, and your Auric fields are interacting. People put this down to a gut feeling, when a lot of the time it is actually auric information being exchanged, not in the physical world, but on the astral plane.

Now because we have separate bodies, and because we are no longer living in the Lemurian age, we cannot read each others thoughts the way we could long ago. Back then, before the densification of our human bodies, we lived a very different way. We were connected, telepathically. But now, in this era, for us to work through the big ‘I AM’, for us to individuate, the mind reading stuff is no longer a common part of our existence. You see, we need to have our own thoughts, in order for us to know ourselves and to seek out self-love.


This is basically our purpose here, to achieve self-love through the experience of separation, through loving our divine nature from the perspective of being human. Yet it is so tricky, because no one really talks about it, no one really says ‘Hey man I’m having a hard time because I’m actually a huge, big, expansive, spiritual being and being human sucks!’. And no one explains that the reason we often get so confused, is because we are not actually disconnected from each other in the way that we like to think we are. We are communicating through our spiritual bodies all the time! So this exchanging of astral information between the Auric fields can undo our sense of peace because we often do not know why we become so anxious around others when everything appears to be fine. Especially when we are so focused on the external.


One day while out shopping, I thought I’ll pop into the chemist to buy some Aloe Vera. After all, it is very good for the skin, and way better than any posh expensive product. I stood in line with a few people in front. It was taking a while so I had to be patient, glancing every now and then to see if the line was moving. I stood back and tried to relax when I started to feel a weird sensation in my uterus, actually I felt so uncomfortable I felt like I was going to pee, but I didn’t need to go. This made me really impatient. So I started feeling annoyed and I honestly try not to get annoyed in a line, as I think it is very unevolved, and I do not want to be one of those annoyed people in a line! So I took a deep breath and thought ‘Come one Bron, relax’. So I did. Then my clairvoyance kicked in. In a flash I knew it was not coming from me. It was someone else’s energy that I was feeling. Then as soon as I realised this, the lady in front of me very discreetly placed the box she had tucked under arm, onto the bench. It was packet of Ural, a powdered drink for Urinary Tract Infections. Hmmm, no wonder I felt yuk.

For me, this is exaggerated and it may be for others who are becoming more sensitive. I get headaches around people if they have one. If people are drinking or smoking marijuana I feel the effects. When people are nervous especially I pick up on that. I think many of us, as a child,would have experienced this Auric interaction and did not realise it was from other people. The problem is, where do we set the boundary and how do we remain within our own centre when this unspoken interaction occurs?


First of all let’s go a bit sciency. Now I am Not a scientist, I am a lay person who is fascinated by quantum physics, so bare with me. The atom consists of a proton and neutron bound together, with an electron whizzing about in a cloud of electromagnetic energy. This electron whipping about the nucleus, happens for a reason. It seems to me this interaction is what gives the atom its spark, it’s energy and where does that energy come from, putting aside the processes between the proton, neutron and electron? It comes from a little weightless packet of light called a photon. It is my theory, and a theory only, that this photon is what is being exchanged between Auric fields. I believe, from what my guide Rama has told me, that this invisible packet of light has certain properties that defines its quality. And this ‘quality’ is what is transferred from one auric field to another. But only if we either attract it, or resonate with it, or come into play with it as it entangles with particles in the aura. Yes it’s a stretch and only a theory, but I think we are made from light, frozen light! Which means light is information. So we exchange information, that is made from light between our auric fields.


In terms of day-to-day life, sometimes I’ll talk to someone and they’ll ask, ‘How was you’re weekend?’ and I’ll say, ‘Fine thanks!’ when really I’ve just had a massive fight with my husband or the kids drove me nuts and I feel like if I don’t block myself well enough they’ll ‘read me’ and know. A lot of the time people do know and so we have social etiquette to keep us safe from embarrassing ourselves and others. How it looks to me as a clairvoyant is like this….it looks like flashes of color that burst out of the head, chest or even groin, at people. I see things pop out of the top of people’s heads, right above their crown. It looks like mist or steam that intermingles in a bathroom when the hot water is on. So this is why, when we interact with others, so much more is going on in a dimension we cannot see with our eyes, only feel with the biggest clairvoyant tool we have….the Auric field.


So the only way to deal with being affected by others in this way, is to not shy away, but to connect to others through a higher vibrational energy. So here are a few tips; Know your own energy. If you know your own vibration, your own frequency, then you will know when the energy you are feeling, is not yours. Sit with your own energy when surrounded by people interacting and allow yourself to detach, to not be affected. The things that pull us into exchanging yucky Auric energies, are lower vibrational feelings such as obligation, guilt or people pleasing. It is simply anything that binds you to that another that is not of a high vibration. When I say high vibration, I mean, love, trust or acceptance. The lower vibrational feelings and emotions are what bind us negatively to the auric fields of others. When bound through higher vibrational emotions we do not feel drained. Feeling drained is the best indicator that your auric field is interacting with another’s in a lower vibrational way. So again sit in your own space and detach, think of things that connect you, to you and develop that knowing.

But most of all, don’t forget, you are a spiritual being first and foremost, learning how to deal with being human, so trust what you sense, know that no one is separate really, and that self-love is the most divine experience one can have as a human being. It is truly loving divinity, if you love yourself. Because you are divine, and will never pass away into nothing, as your eternal soul is Source energy incarnate.


Archangels and Angelic Beings, Do They Exist?

A long time ago, after finishing High School I moved into a shared household in Jan Juc, a small surfie town in Victoria near Torquay. I was 18, had left all my friends behind and did not know a soul. It was two years after meeting my guide Rama through a channeler and although I had come to understand that I had lived many lives before this one, that I was a spiritual being, that I had a soul and could leave my body, I joined a Christian cult. It is my opinion that many things in life must be experienced and I suspect, before I was born I had chosen this one. My best friend came to visit me in my lonely, solitary place in Jan Juc, and told me she had found God. Now like Finding Godot, one of the books I studied in my Literature subject at school, my favourite subject, I had been searching for proof of God since I found myself floating above my body lying in bed.


It is an odd thing to be in No Space, yet see around oneself all at once, so after that, I felt lost in the physical world. ‘Just tell me the truth!’ is pretty much what I wanted to scream in the face of any wise looking adult. But alas, my beautiful friend Kim with her smiley face and starry eyes said, ‘Bron, I’ve found the truth’. Who was I to argue, I was stuck in a house where people had sex in my bed while I was away, and left cigarette butts in beer cans on my bedside table. I was getting out of there and moving to Melbourne no matter what it took. So I did, out of sheer necessity to escape my dreary life by the sea side. I joined The Melbourne Church of Christ.


At this point I’d had no interactions with any Angelic beings at all. I didn’t really believe they existed. Yet I read this book given to me by another Christian, about the fight between good and evil through the Angelic and demonic realms which to me was fascinating! But other than that, being in this Church was all about being perfect, there was very little in regards to true spiritual understanding. Yet all of what I knew, what Rama, my guide had said during the channeling, all of the books I read on life after death and the esoteric, Richard Bach’s books, The Illusion and Jonathan Livingston Seagull, went out the window, bye, see you later, I’ll be in touch when I’m done exploring the concepts of heaven and hell. All of it, not discarded, but put away, in a box, that didn’t fit the reality I was in.


Because of this, my idea of Angels at that point, was pure science fiction and owned solely by the Christian Theology. It was unreachable, untouchable and nothing, literally nothing to do with me! Guides I can handle, even the odd alien back then was an idea settling in my mind as a very real possibility. But Angels, come on. I thought I would have to remain a Christian for them to even want to connect with me. Yet even that did not happen in the church. No matter how often I walked and begged, none showed up. Until later….

It started as an idea, that led to an experience. I think I simply allowed the thought that they could exist and opened up. I had been meditating for a few years now, and through this, through learning how to ‘half’ leave my body, receive information from many guides and sit in a space of reception, I grew used to this energy of connecting. One lovely weekend afternoon, my husband suggested going for a Yum Cha lunch. I had been going in and out of trance states for a while now, but I did not see this one coming. We sat down at a huge round table, a spinny thing in the middle, which everyone loves to touch and spin just once, like touching wood for protection. I began to feel strange, stranger than usual in these states. I felt my eyes focus back, adjusting my vision to see the etheric, but actually ‘see’ in my mind’s eye. It’s like the two somehow go hand in hand or work together, spiritual sight and physical sight. My eyes adjust as though they are about to look at something, but the actual sight happens in my mind.


As my eyes focused I seemed to be staring into a space that was to the right of the room. The more I stared at that space, the more entranced I became. Then the image began forming in my mind, a white female figure, pure and divine, a lady from the light. A face amidst white light, so beautiful, so feminine. So the title formed as well, like a mantra, a chant and yet something I had never said before, ‘the lady from the light’. My son had been calling me, ‘Mum, mum!’ he repeated. I could only look at him quickly then had to turn back. ‘Mum, what are you looking at?’ Then I pulled myself away to look at him, feeling dizzy and nauseous from the energy. ‘A female’ I think I said and that was it, I had to act normal. That night I was sick. I lay in bed unable to move my body. I thought I had food poisoning, but I had eaten everything the family had eaten and none of them were ill. The Lady From The Light…..I searched for images and found this, the closest to what I saw.


The next morning I left the house went for my usual walk in the bush. I thought I will try to communicate, what harm can it do. I’ll just look like a nut talking to myself. So I asked what is your name…and I heard the last part, ‘-aria’ but I could not make out the first letter. She said it again and I saw the ‘M’…’Maria’ she said. I asked who are you, and she said ‘I am Elohim, I am the light of mankind.’ And so she became my first real encounter with an angelic being, a being connected to the Christ consciousness. Here’s the thing, they are not as described in the bible or the book I read, filled with human emotion. They come in as colour, she was white. It begins as a colour vibration, then maybe an image of something. One night, sitting in my Tarot Workshop with a group of girls, I looked up at one client who was laying down the cards and saw blue. Blue, Blue, Blue, filling the right side of the room. I asked her, who is that? She looked at me and she knew. I knew, she knew! Our minds met and then I saw the sword. I said ‘Why is Archangel Michael next to you?’. She said ‘I called him in yesterday for my son’. Then the tears, the heaviness on the chest. It’s the crying that says it’s angelic! It hits you right in the heart. Like a release of pain, merging into love.

They are real. Maria says that she is the Mother of all souls and that a Guardian Angel is there at the birth of a human soul, the part of us that consists of the astral, mental and casual body. They take part in the creating and forming of that one ‘soul body’ for incarnation, and so like a mother with a child they are connected to us from the birth of our soul throughout our journey of lifetime, after lifetime, of incarnations. I have begun seeing them above people’s heads. I see them working in unison with that person, no matter how lost they are. They are not assigned to us just for one life, they helped create us, the ‘human’ us, not the huge Oversoul that exist in other dimensions. And so from Christian ideals of Angelic beings, to real ones, I know they are not isolated to religion, they belong only to the Angelic Realm that is directly connected to us. ‘How can you be separate from the very thing that created you?’ Maria said to me during one of my walks in the bush. They are the light of mankind that holds us in existence. So no matter where you are, what you are doing, how you are doing, how you are feeling, they are there, moving through life with you, above you. You need only look up, and quiet your mind, they speak in heart language and light. I recommend a walk around Gaia’s realm to do so…

Do Animals Have a Soul?

Lying in bed next to my new pup Ravi, I smell his puppy newness, a smell I would happily have as an air freshener in my car any day. I think his paws smell like tacos and his neck smells like earth. But his eyes look at me as though he is another person, not just a dog. Over the years I have always believed that animals have a soul, just as we do. When my first dog Brani, passed away, we all sat by her side and said goodbye. Her back had given out and she could no longer walk. Before her passing, at the end of her days, I managed to lift her huge Ridgeback/Kelpie body into the back of the car and take her to the vet. Unable to get her into the clinic, the vet and I spoke in the car park while she sat in the back of the car looking at me with her imploring eyes. When he walked away, I had to make the decision to have her put down. As I closed the back door, she looked at me and I felt it, I felt her permission. I’ll never forget the wisdom in her eyes. She was telling me she’d had enough, that it was time. So, we let her go. Two nights later I dreamt that she was in a huge paddock at the base of the Alpine mountains. She looked up at me then sprinted off, her massive hind legs and hoofs, ripping up the earth. She was now the spirit of the horse.

So our family pottered along, without a K9 in our lives and then one Christmas we went home to my mum and dad’s house in the Alpine Ranges of Victoria. Dad was cleaning out the barn, which used to be our home when growing up, while the house was being built. He opened up a chest with horse blankets in it and out scurried a mumma bush rat. Here in Australia they are cute, not like a rat rat. Dad tried to smush the mumma rat with a shovel and my eleven year old daughter, who had been watching with curious eyes, screamed ‘No papa, don’t kill it!’. He stopped and dropped the shovel. She peered into the chest and saw ten to twelve baby bush rats. I was in the house at the time when she came in with a baby bush rat she had chosen to save. ‘Can I keep him mum?’ she asked. It was tiny. Only one and a half inches long. ‘Sure’ I said, thinking what the crap am I going do to now. But my thought behind the ‘yes’ was to teach her to care for a little being, to put it’s need before her own. That was my goal as a mum. So we found a box, looked online and began our bush rat rearing.

Each night when my daughter went to sleep, I lay with Bushy, on my chest patting his little body with my finger. I loved him, I really did. He was so beautiful. We had been feeding him infant milk and he was doing well. My little girl had been a devoted mum. Watching him with an eagle eye and feeding him during the day. The love she felt was divine in nature. Two mornings after Christmas I sat meditating in the back of my car, the only space for an unacknowledged psychic to meditate, having grown up with an atheist father who’s opinion meant the world to me. I had felt ashamed for being different, for asking, ‘Have people died here dad?’. So in the car I sat and then I felt it, that familiar energy swirling, the buzzing in my chest, the tears wanting to flow. I saw her in my mind’s eye, a pinkish, white blue color, then a lion, then other animals and plants. Archangel Uriel, was who I saw, or at least the ‘riel’. From what I could make out, this being was the holder, the carer of the plant and animal kingdom. I went inside feeling quite blown away and dizzy. Without saying anything about this connection, who would believe me right, we went for a bush walk. I found a Rose Quartz chunk in the ground. Finally when we returned home I was able to research Archangel Uriel, who I knew nothing about. Orange, the ray of fire, nope that was not the being I had seen. This being was soft and female, not like fire. But the name….My daughter had taken her Archangel cards to mum and dad’s and was playing with them. ‘Mum’, she said, ‘I don’t think I’ll use these cards, why don’t you have them.’ I smiled and accepted, knowing she had been too young when we bought them. I looked for the first time at the images, and there she was, the pink, the face, the feminine vibration, Archangel Ariel! I looked it up and sure enough, she cared for the plant and animal kingdom, her vibration pink, and her stone Rose Quartz. It was her. Now, if animals are just blobs of animal molecules then why would they be under the care of an Archangel?

This experience with Brani and Bushy felt like something important, signifigant. That look in Brani’s eyes, the telepathic way she communicated with me. The relationship with Bushy and my daughter, it seemed like their life karma, their existence was spiritually intermingled with ours. Then sadly late one night back home, Bushy climbed out of the box and fell to the floor. The next morning, I woke up to feed him. He was not there. We discovered him on the floor, gasping for air. My daughter was distraught! She watched as his little body struggled to breath. Then finally, the life went out of him, and he died. The sadness was felt even by my husband who is not prone to heights of emotion. Yet when Brani had died, he buried her and sobbed like I had never seen before. Actually as he dug her grave he howled in pain. Surely animals cannot be less than us…. The next few days were very quite. At home, I sat back in my meditation chair and connected. She came in again. She said very clearly this time, and said that Kiera, my daughter, had evolved the soul of this little one, that she had affected it’s Karma through her human love. Then I knew for sure, animals have souls, they have souls as equal and signifigant as ours.
Why do we think we are better than these beings? We are not. I have since received more from Archangel Ariel and my Elohim guide Maria, that I will share here in this blog. Archangel Ariel, came in while I sat with my husband holding Ravi. My husband said, I think he’s Brani, she said no, this little one’s soul is different, it is being evolved into the vibration of the Lion, through our love and care. He has a brave and big heart. He is a Lion cub, in his spirit. She said that animals have a pure vibration that holds the energy of this purity, in the physical realm for human beings. Rabbits have the signature energy of joy, dogs; loyalty, Lions; bravery and strength, horses; freedom and power, and the list goes on. This pure energy of their signature vibration, the pure emotion or virtue, of the archetypes, gifted by the Archangel and Elohim realm, is held in place to keep human beings pure and connected. Their souls evolve, she said, just as ours do, and are cared for deeply by the Angelic realm. They are our equals and our companions. So when your pet looks at you with telepathic eyes, know that they are true spiritual beings, that they are watched over by an Archangel and that they are Mother Earth’s heart.